Duke Energy, PalmettoPride, and SC7 Partner in Litter Pickup and Beautification Campaign

Columbia, SC (May 30, 2023) – Today, Duke Energy, PalmettoPride, and SC7 announced a joint litter pickup campaign, #PickItPostIt, to complement the SC7 Expedition event in July. Spanning from May 30-July 31, Duke Energy will sponsor the installation of three Environmental Sculptures and corresponding litter pickups along the SC7 Expedition. 

The campaign aims to raise awareness around litter prevention and the importance of caring for South Carolina’s natural resources. During the campaign, citizens are encouraged to pick up trash, take a photo, and post it on social media using the hashtag #PickItPostIt. With every post, the Duke Energy Foundation has pledged to donate $10 towards PalmettoPride’s litter prevention efforts and to support the installations of Environmental Sculptures across South Carolina. “Picking up litter when we see it is an easy way that we, as citizens, can take responsibility for our communities,” said Lieutenant Governor Pamela Evette. “Litter prevention is not just an environmental concern, it is an economic development concern.  South Carolina is blessed to have business leaders like Duke Energy Foundation to support litter prevention efforts.”

As South Carolina’s anti-litter organization, PalmettoPride works diligently to inspire behavioral change that empowers residents to take pride in their communities and to keep them clean. Beautification is a tactic of litter prevention and art can change a community in a positive way. In 2013, PalmettoPride began its partnership with Myrtle Beach-based artist Jim Swain, creator of Environmental Sculptures, whose artwork dramatizes the issue of plastic litter within our communities. Since then, PalmettoPride has sponsored the placement of 20 sculptures throughout South Carolina. 

“With support from the Duke Energy Foundation, the #PickItPostIt campaign both helps promote PalmettoPride’s mission of achieving a litter-free SC and shines a spotlight on the SC7 Expedition,” said Sarah Lyles, executive director of PalmettoPride. “SC7 aims to engage residents in the protection of our state’s natural resources. Litter prevention is one way to achieve that engagement. Our hope is that this campaign illustrates to South Carolinians how special our state is and that its natural environments should be treasured.”

SC7 is a partnership between two South Carolina based non-profit organizations, Global Eco Adventures and the South Carolina National Heritage Corridor. The signature event of SC7 is a 30-day expedition across South Carolina in July, led by Dr. Tom Mullikin. The tour is part of the South Carolina 7 Wonders Expedition, a 350-mile hiking, rafting and kayaking journey designed to highlight South Carolina’s precious natural resources. SC7 aims to motivate SC residents to experience the outdoors and gain an appreciation for all that our state has to offer. 

“Cleaning our roads and waterways of litter is not just about aesthetics or keeping our state beautiful, it is about keeping our state healthy,” said Dr. Tom Mullikin, chair of the Governor’s Floodwater Commission and expedition leader for SC7. “This trash enters our human food chain and creates health issues for our families. Working together – under the tremendous leadership of PalmettoPride – is not just about keeping our state the most beautiful place on earth but keeping our families healthy. Join us as we insist on Zero Tolerance for litter.” 

Duke Energy is the lead sponsor for this year’s SC7 expedition and has worked closely with PalmettoPride to support innovative litter prevention efforts like the #PickItPostIt campaign.

“South Carolina is important to Duke Energy, and it is equally important for companies like ours to work alongside our communities to invest in the health and well-being of those we serve,” said Linda Hannon, director of government and community relations for Duke Energy. “Protecting, enhancing and promoting the natural beauty of the Palmetto State is an important part of these efforts. That’s why Duke Energy is excited again to join SC7 and Palmetto Pride to share and protect the natural wonders of our state with young and old alike.”

For more information on the #PickItPostIt campaign, contact info@palmettopride.org.

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PalmettoPride is working towards a litter-free South Carolina. Created as a legislative initiative to fight litter and help beautify South Carolina by engaging citizens to take action in their communities through education, enforcement, awareness, and pickup.

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