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As all teachers know, children can carry the lessons they learn at school to their homes and make a very real difference in the attitude and conduct of other family members. That’s why the children you teach are so important to this campaign and the future of South Carolina. And why we try to continually offer new resources to help reach the youth of our state.

Litter Curriculum

PalmettoPride, in partnership with the Greenleaf Education, has developed Litter Lessons – a FREE curriculum resource for grades K-12 that increases awareness of the problem, while providing students with ways to be part of the solution. All lessons meet the current SCDOE curriculum standards.

Green Steps Schools

Green Steps Schools is an environmental education and action initiative that recognizes schools in South Carolina who take annual sustainable steps toward becoming more environmentally responsible. The steps include: Protect, Learn, Do & Teach Others. Schools can participate in various PalmettoPride or Keep South Carolina Beautiful programs to win Green Steps awards. Keep the Midlands BeautifulSonoco Recycling, and DHEC’s Office of Solid Waste Reduction and Recycling established Green Steps Schools in 2003 as part of South Carolina’s “Resource Conservation Challenge.”

If your school would like to become a Green Steps School, click here.

PalmettoPride Decomposition Statistics

We offer two downloadable documents featuring decomposition statistics. If you’d like to make a hands-on visual for your classroom, please download here. Simply print the document on to sticky label paper or use glue in order to stick the printouts on to foam or cardboard.  Have your students match the piece of litter with the appropriate time it takes to decompose. For a matching game for your students, click here.

Litter-Free Library Worksheets

One at a Time with Louie the Lion

“Litter Trashes Everyone” Puppet Show Worksheet

Keep the lesson going after your students watch the show. Complete this worksheet for more fun in the classroom.

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