Clean Up South Carolina

Clean Up South Carolina

April 22, 2021

Girl Scouts, PalmettoPride and Lieutenant Governor Evette are teaming up to make the world a better place. We’re starting right here in our state. Beginning April 22, on Earth Day, scouts will learn how litter impacts the community with two virtual activities. Then on Friday, April 23, scouts will have three special guests read books, written by youth authors, to learn the importance of keeping the Earth clean and healthy. On Saturday, April 24, scouts will all pitch in to clean up our communities by picking up litter. Finally, on Sunday, April 25 scouts will also work with PalmettoPride to hand out tarps and remind South Carolina citizens to cover their loads.

Join us for all four days of activities and really show the state how Girl Scouts always leave a place better than we find it. For more information, email To register for these activities, click here.

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