SC Litter Control Week

Litter Control Week

April 12, 2021

State House, Gervais Street Side, 10:00 a.m.

The Office of the Governor, SC Department of Public Safety and PalmettoPride will host a press event at the State House to kick off SCDPS Special Enforcement Week, a statewide litter and unsecured loads enforcement campaign. Members of the SC Highway Patrol and SC Transport Police will lead the push for more enforcement of unsecured load laws and litter laws. (State codes 48-53-10, 56-5-4100, 16-11-700)

SCDPS will focus their efforts on state interstates, highways and roads leading to convenience centers and waste management facilities. In addition, members of the South Carolina Litter Control Association will join in solidarity for the enforcement of South Carolina litter laws.

Lt. Governor Pamela Evette
Robert G. Woods, IV, Director, SCDPS
Col. Christopher N. Williamson, Commander, SC Highway Patrol
Col. Dean Dill, Commander, State Transport Police
Sarah Lyles, PalmettoPride

Contact: Sarah Lyles, PalmettoPride, 803-446-4140 or

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