Great American Cleanup

Every Spring, PalmettoPride and Keep South Carolina Beautiful, in partnership with Keep America Beautiful, coordinate the Great American Cleanup™, a localized cleanup, beautification and community improvement program.

How it works

First, find your local representative via the County Information button located at the top of this web page to sign up with a Keep America Beautiful affiliate in your county. If there is not one, then sign up with us. Keep reading to see which option is best for you.

You can organize your own litter pickup event or you can participate in one of our special activities.

Think of it like a game. A game that we all win. Your trophy is a clean yard, park, waterway, neighborhood, median, parking lot, South Carolina…. You can participate in as many levels as you want. And our end goal is tri-fold:

  1. There is a lot less litter on the ground.
  2. We have a lot more people engaged in litter pickups across the state and right at your home.
  3. The momentum of this wildly successful campaign builds awareness to the masses who still litter and we can change their behavior.

Neighborhood Pickup/Community Cleanup/Grants groups

This level is your traditional cleanup. If you are a PalmettoPride Grant recipient, you are in this category. If you want to participate in a planned cleanup, we’ll help you find one. If you want to organize your own, we’ll help you get started.

  1. If you are a Grants recipient and you need to fulfill your cleanup requirement, contact Sherryl Jenkins to get your supplies.
  2. If you want to participate in an organized cleanup, click on County Information at the top of the page to find a Keep America Beautiful affiliate in your county.
  3. Don’t have an affiliate close to you? No problem, we can help you organize a cleanup of your own or you can participate in one of our individual cleanup ideas mentioned above. Click here to learn how to organize your own cleanup and sign up for GAC supplies using this form.

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