Litter prevention through accountability

PalmettoPride offers different types of surveillance equipment, which enforcement agencies may borrow. With these cameras, enforcement officers have the tools necessary to keep an eye on “hotspots” in their jurisdiction. Borrowing agencies are required to send in report forms detailing the use of the cameras on litter cases.

When investigating an illegal dumpsite, law enforcement sometimes are able to ascertain the culprit through identifying documents, such as mail or tax forms. Installing surveillance cameras not only help prevent litter from happening, but they also increase the likelihood of the identifying the culprit when it does. Monitored daily, litter surveillance cameras used in Hampton County have shown results of 75% less illegal dumping and littering within just one year. Enforcement agencies can also utilize funding from PalmettoPride’s Litter Enforcement Grant to purchase cameras and other surveillance devices.

Contact PalmettoPride Enforcement Program Manager Samuel H. Ford at for more information.