“Litter prevention is about citizens taking ownership of their neighborhoods and making sure that trash is put in its place before it can become litter. But while there is still litter, we must pick it up. Citizens, governments and business industries all have a part to play in changing the culture that leads to litter.”

– south carolina lieutenant governor pamela evette

Grab a Bag with Lt. Governor Pamela Evette

Grab A Bag SC is a statewide litter pickup challenge inspired by South Carolina Lt. Governor Pamela Evette’s own experience picking up in her home community and even during her family vacations. It encourages South Carolinians to grab a bag, rally friends and family, put on safety gear and head outside for a chance to enjoy the outdoors while making a difference in their communities. The campaign is usually kicked off with an event every spring in coordination with a local Keep South Carolina Beautiful affiliate.

Litter pickup events are a great way to build relationships among families, neighbors, employees and elected officials. This is an inexpensive way to improve the esthetics of neighborhoods because litter is considered a gateway crime that negatively affects quality of life and community safety.

We encourage participants to sign up for Grab A Bag SC in their own community by visiting PalmettoPride’s Events page. Safety precautions are advised. After you’ve picked up your bag, challenge three friends to do the same. Just tag them on your favorite social media platform using #GrabABagSC.

Get involved

Contact your local KSCB affiliate to learn of upcoming pickups and cleanup supplies.