Littering is for losers

Litter-Free Games is an opportunity for clubs and organizations at the high school level to make their athletic events litter-free, while earning money for their organization. PalmettoPride provides downloadable signage and activity suggestions for the participating organization to highlight the litter-free game during the week. Students are given banners and litter pickup supplies for game night. The goal of this program is to promote litter prevention by encouraging fans to properly dispose of trash and provide leadership skills for the students organizing the event.

Win or lose, the home team is always left to pick up the pieces after high school sporting events. Used cups, dirty napkins, and greasy food containers litter the stands and concession area — litter that someone must clean up. The key to achieving PalmettoPride’s goal of a litter-free South Carolina is to prevent people from littering in the first place. South Carolina schools have committed to this goal through educational efforts teaching students about the impact of litter on our environment, economy and safety. PalmettoPride LitterFree Games takes those lessons from the classroom to the sports arena.


Litter-free games give students an opportunity to learn valuable environmental lessons, leadership skills and management skills. Ideally, student clubs or organizations will coordinate litter prevention efforts for their school, providing opportunities for community service projects and funding for their organization.

Litter-free games will reduce costs for custodial staff and groundskeepers to clean up after game fans. Litter-free games create an inviting environment for friends, families and visitors to your school sporting events. Participation costs nothing, and your school and participating organization gains respect and good publicity from everyone in your community.

How PalmettoPride can help

  • Litter bags for everyone who comes to the game.
  • Any pickup supplies, such as bags, grabbers, gloves, etc.
  • Banners for the stadium and entrances to the game.
  • A $250 award to the club or group that coordinates this event. A teacher or school representative must confirm that the club or group fulfilled their obligations to this project in order to receive the award.
  • Schools may host multiple Litter-Free Games but only one $250 stipend will be awarded per school year. 
  • PalmettoPride awards 50 Litter-Free Game stipends annually on a First-Come; First-Serve Basis.
  • School clubs/organizations that hosted a LFG in previous school year are given first option to host again over another organization at the same school. 

Ready, set, go!

To get started, view the Litter-Free Games guide. Contact for more information.