Positivity through puppets

Singing trash cans and trash monsters are just a few of the characters that teach children that litter trashes everyone in this fun program sponsored by PalmettoPride. Dating back to 1998 as one of PalmettoPride’s first and most successful programs, the free marionette show is available to all elementary schools in South Carolina and targets children in grades K-5. Since its inception, well over one million students have seen the show.

Sponsored by PalmettoPride, the Columbia Marionette Theatre presents Litter Trashes Everyone  – a free, twenty minute traveling educational performance that features fun characters and dancing trash cans and conveys the message that every citizen has a responsibility to help keep South Carolina beautiful. After the performance, test your students on what they learned through this Worksheet Activity.

To book a show at your school, please contact John Scollon by emailing puppetgnomes@msn.com or calling 803.252.7366. Contact education@palmettopride.org for more information.