Closing the loop

Monofilament is single strand fishing line and is typically a strong flexible clear plastic that is tinted blue, pink or green. Discarded monofilament is harmful to wildlife and a nuisance to boaters. When you recycle your fishing line in monofilament containers, you’re helping to contribute to artificial reefs. The line collected in these containers is sent off to Berkley Fishing. It is then transformed into a “Fish Hab,” a 4-foot structure that is made entirely from recycled nylon monofilament fishing line and other recycled materials. These structures attract small fish, which in turn, attract larger fish and it soon becomes a viable fish habitat in the same waters the lines were once cast—bringing it full circle. 

By recycling, you’ll also avoid entanglements for fish, birds, and even propellers. Recycling monofilament helps us keep it out of our water systems and landfills. Help PalmettoPride and the South Carolina Department of Natural Resources keep our waterways clean and free from debris and keep our wildlife safe.

Groups are encouraged to help keep South Carolina waterways free from monofilament by adopting a recycling bin at your local dock or fishing ramp. PalmettoPride and SCDNR will supply you with all of the materials you need to get started.

Use the map to locate a monofilament recycling bin near you! Click the map to learn more.

Adopt a bin:

  • Contact PalmettoPride at 1-877-PAL-PRDE to secure the bin location of your choice. By clicking the map above, you can recommend a spot and learn more about sponsoring a bin.
  • Monitor the bin’s quantity of monofilament.
  • Email to receive pre-paid postage boxes for your monofilament.
  • Send used monofilament to Berkley Recycling at 1900 18th Street, Spirit Lake, Iowa 51360
  • Berkely Recycling will then turn your recycled monofilament into products such as Fish-Habs which are artificial underwater habitat structures.

Get involved

For more information and to secure the bin location of your choice, contact PalmettoPride Special Projects Manager Joseph Berry at

Gone Plishing

PLISHING is a combination of the Swedish phrase “plocka upp”, meaning litter pickup and fishing! Join South Carolina Wildlife Federation’s Plishing challenge every summer and, as you set out on your fishing adventures, you can log your fish as well as litter you pick up and dispose of properly. Each fish caught, fish released, and bag of litter collected can earn you prizes. PalmettoPride is a proud sponsor of the SCWF Plishing Challenge.