We all live downstream

In 2022, PalmettoPride announced a special grant to fund 25 WATERGOATS across South Carolina. PalmettoPride is a proud provider of WATERGOAT trash collection systems, which are ideal for streams, canals and other small bodies of water, stopping trash and debris from flowing waters, thus preventing litter and plastic from entering our oceans.

WATERGOAT has been preventing trash from entering big waters since 2006. Nearly 200 WATERGOATS have been deployed in public waterways. Conservative data indicates that the WATERGOAT fleet has prevented well over 322 tons of debris from ever getting close to the ocean. The WATERGOAT systems are created specific for each location and can be emptied on average within two hours.

PalmettoPride is actively working with with Keep South Carolina Beautiful affiliates, environmental protection organizations, state and local governments and other related industries to install and maintain these trash collection devices.

For more information about WATERGOATs, contact PalmettoPride Special Projects Manager Joseph Berry at jberry@palmettopride.org.

Current (May 2023) WaterGoat Installations