Litter Prevention Grant

Application Open: October 1
Submission Deadline: November 15
Award Announced: December 15


All litter control organizations, government departments, government organizations, non-profit organizations in South Carolina are eligible to apply for these funds.

LEVELS OF FUNDING:             

The Litter Prevention Grant is a competitive grant that provides organizations up to $15,000 to develop successful anti-litter programs and enforcement activities at the local level.

Eligible grant activities may include any combination of the following:

  • Community involvement cleanups and awareness campaigns
  • Illegal dumpsite remediation and removal
  • Litter Control Task Force or Officer Assistance
  • Equipment Needed for Litter Enforcement
  • Tarp campaigns
  • Litter grabbers and heavy duty or OSHA materials for litter removal
  • CPTED Projects (Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design) such as public art project, lighting, litter cleanup
  • Trash Cans

Donated Items: Supplies needed for litter pickup events: Bags, Gloves, Safety Vests

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