Litter Trashes Everyone Children’s Book Presentation Coming Soon

Columbia, SC – PalmettoPride’s goal is to prevent litter, not just pick it up and prevention starts with education. The first annual Litter Trashes Everyone Art Contest Children’s Book Contest was a success. The contest started because there were not a lot of great options for children’s books when it comes to the topic of litter.

After opening the contest state wide to any aspiring writers we had a number of great entries and a panel of guest judges to help narrow down the winner. This year’s winner was not what we expected, she is actually an elementary school student who wrote the book for her peers to enjoy and learn about litter.

The 2018 winner of the children’s book contest is 11-year-old Jayla Washington, a student at SC Green Charter School of the Midlands. On Friday, March 16 PalmettoPride will present the finished book to Washington at an assembly at her school along with special guests, Rep. Chip Huggins and Keep the Midlands Beautiful.

“When the opportunity for students to enter this contest came Jayla was one of the first students to ask to participate. Her love for writing is evident in class and this accomplishment only further proved it,” said Alexandria Newton, teacher at SC Green Charter School.

One book will be donated to each elementary school in South Carolina as a continuous effort to educate the next generation on litter and their part to play to help prevent it.

“PalmettoPride receives many requests for suggested reading on litter and recycling,” said Sarah Lyles, Executive Director of PalmettoPride. “What better way to support our state’s efforts than to create our own anti-litter library?”

This will become an annual contest now for PalmettoPride. If you are interested in submitting your book idea please contact Jessica Albert at The 2018-2019 contest will open September 1, 2018.

For more information about PalmettoPride, South Carolina’s anti-litter and beautification organization, please contact Sarah Lyles at or 803-758-6034.

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