Students to Help With School Wide Pickup Event in Lexington, SC

Columbia, SC (March 2019) –River Bluff High School will be hosting a week long school wide initiative to help pickup roadways surrounding the high school’s campus. The week of March 25-29, over 400 students will get out of their classrooms and help pick up the littered roads around their school.

PalmettoPride was able to partner with the school to provide cleanup supplies and educational resources to help keep the conversation going after the pickup is completed. PalmettoPride offers a number of educational programs, which are free to any school in South Carolina.

“Education is just one piece in a much larger picture when it comes to litter in South Carolina,” said Jessica Albert, PalmettoPride’s Education Program Manager. “It starts with education but if everyone did their part and even picked up just one piece of trash a day, it could make a big difference.”

River Bluff High School is one of many schools across the state with pickup programs for their students to get involved and support their community.

“As a part of our school’s mission to “Do Good,” our CREW 3 students are adopting the roadways surrounding our school,” said Keith Brayman, instructor at River Bluff High School. “We feel that it is important to ensure that our students are not only prepared for their future, but also that they are leaving a space for future students in which they can be proud.”

The high school has planned for over 400 students to participate in picking up Corley Mill Road, and the surrounding streets in Lexington County.

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PalmettoPride is South Carolina’s litter prevention and beautification 501 C 3 nonprofit organization. We engage citizens to take an active role in keeping their communities clean and beautiful. Our programs have helped reduce litter by more than 60% by raising awareness of the issue and changing the attitude towards littering. For more information, please visit

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