The 2024 South Carolina Governor’s Art Contest on Litter Prevention Winners Announced

Columbia, SC (March 13, 2024) – Every year, PalmettoPride welcomes elementary students across South Carolina to participate in the Governor’s Art Contest on Litter Prevention.  Illustrating the theme Litter Trashes Everyone through their artwork, students call upon residents of all ages to appreciate the beauty South Carolina offers and to keep our roads, waterways, and natural landscapes litter-free. 

“Whether you participate in PalmettoPride’s art contest or organize a litter cleanup, you’re never too young to be a teacher and bring about change to your community,” said 2023-2024 PalmettoPride Youth Ambassador Laurel Hardy. “To the winners of this year’s art contest, your call to action has been heard.” The Youth Ambassador program annually accepts nominations for South Carolina high school students who lead litter-free efforts in their communities. To honor the leadership of these students, Youth Ambassadors receive professional development opportunities and are awarded scholarships.

With 16,897 participants across 87 schools and 31 counties just this school year, the art contest is more competitive than ever. PalmettoPride selects the regional winners (Lowcountry, Midlands, Pee Dee, and the Upstate) and one statewide winner. Each finalist’s school receives a framed copy of their student’s artwork along with a monetary donation. The statewide winner’s artwork will be featured on PalmettoPride’s 2025 volunteer t-shirts. 

To honor their outstanding artwork, Lieutenant Governor Pamela Evette invites the finalists, along with their state representatives, families, and teachers. The 2024 Governor’s Art Contest finalists are as follows:

  • Evelyn Alto-Corneliz, 5th Grade at Cowpens Elementary School (Statewide)
  • Daisie Edens, 4th Grade at Mountain View Elementary School (Upstate)
  • Skye Magee, 5th Grade at Sheridan Elementary School (Lowcountry)
  • Camille Cockfield, 5th Grade at Scranton Elementary STEAM Academy (PeeDee)
  • Cooper Branham, 5th Grade at Pomaria-Garmany Elementary School (Midlands)
  • Aydin M. Soner, 5th Grade at Williams Home School (Midlands) 

While the art contest remains one of PalmettoPride’s most popular education programs, PalmettoPride also offers Litter Lessons, a curriculum resource for grades K-12 that raises awareness around the negative impacts of litter, while providing students with ways to be part of the solution.  As a staple in many classrooms across our state, educators often utilize the curriculum to familiarize their students with the topic before creating their artwork.  

(Back row, from left to right) Executive Director Sarah Lyles, State Representative Mike Burns, State Senator Mike Reichenbach, Lt. Governor Pamela Evette, State Senator Harvey S. Peeler, Jr., and State Representative Dennis C. Moss
(Front row, from left to right) PeeDee Finalist Camille Cockfield, Upstate Finalist Daisie Edens, Lowcountry Finalist Skye Magee, Midlands Finalist Aydin M. Soner, Statewide Winner Evelyn Alto-Corneliz, and Midlands Finalist Cooper Branham

“As South Carolina’s anti-litter organization, PalmettoPride maintains that a litter-free South Carolina starts with litter prevention through education,” said PalmettoPride Executive Director Sarah Lyles. “Students take these lessons home with them and become very influential in changing the attitudes of the friends and families around litter.”

Registration for the 2025 Governor’s Art Contest on Litter Prevention begins this October.  For more information, contact

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