Litter Crew Grant

Application Open: October 15
Submission Deadline: December 1
Award Announcement: January 15

Apply for the Grant


The grant is open to town, city or county governments. Funds may be used to start up a local cleanup program or to supplement an existing program. Trash bags will be provided by PalmettoPride.

Applicants must provide a litter pickup plan including a full budget and use PalmettoPride’s grant reporting website on Submittable.

PalmettoPride reserves the right to reject all proposals and not award any grant funds under this solicitation. Failure to follow the directions outlined in the application guidelines will result in the application not being considered for funding.


The Litter Crew Grant is a competitive grant that provides funding of up to $25,000 to municipalities and counties pay for litter removal crews. The governing organization should prioritize municipal or county maintained roads that would be unsafe for volunteers, roads that require routine maintenance, state highways, as needed, and hot spots. PalmettoPride maintains that litter prevention is best, but pickup is an important part of litter prevention. Routine pickup helps to reduce litter on the roads and to foster community pride.

Program mentors are available for establishment of new programs.


PalmettoPride requires that recipients use these funds implement a litter prevention campaign in their counties if there is not one already. PalmettoPride can assist in this part of the program upon request.

GRANT PERIOD             

The Litter Crew Grant will be for one year, with targeted start date of January 15. Special requests will be taken on an as is basis. PalmettoPride will dispense funds bi-annually dependent on activities and reports submitted and approved.


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