Zero Tolerance for Litter Campaign Kickoff

WHAT: The South Carolina Litter Control Association (SCLCA) and PalmettoPride will hold a press conference to kick off the annual Zero Tolerance for Litter campaign. Zero Tolerance for Litter is an annual event to unite law enforcement officers in a dual-mission campaign to enforce state and local litter laws and to educate the public on the effects of litter in our communities.

In addition, SCLCA and PalmettoPride will update the State on new enforcement efforts underway in South Carolina.

REMARKS:   James Nelson, Director of Spartanburg County Environmental Enforcement

Steve Ward, President, SC Litter Control Association

Chief Christmas, Florence County Environmental Enforcement Agency

Sarah Lyles, PalmettoPride

Waste Management

Special Guests TBA

SPECIAL GUESTS: All South Carolina Senators and Representatives are invited to come stand in solidarity with the law enforcement officers that police in your districts.

WHEN: Wednesday, April 5, 2017, 11:00 a.m.

WHERE: State House Lobby, First Floor

PHOTO OPP will be available with all law enforcement, Legislators in attendance and all other agency attendees.

CONTACT:     Sarah Lyles, PalmettoPride, 877-725-7733 or


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